OREANDA-NEWS. October 29, 2008. Meeting participants discussed the preliminary results of military-technical cooperation in 2008 and the prospects for future interaction with Russia's partners.

The President said that Russia has many tools to support major defence enterprises during the financial crisis. He also stressed that Russia is supplying arms and technical equipment exclusively for the defence of its partners, and expressed regret that not all members of the international community to adhere to such an approach.

The head of state also touched on the sanctions which the United States has once again imposed on Rosoboronexport. Calling these actions examples of unfair competition, the President noted that the sanctions have virtually no effect on Russia.

Dmitry Medvedev referred to ensuring the fulfillment of all defence orders on time, providing high quality products, and developing new types of technology together with partners as priorities for the near future,

Russia's partners in military-technical cooperation include 81 States. The portfolio of defence orders exceeded USD 30 billion in 2008.