OREANDA-NEWS. October 28, 2008. Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) and ABN AMRO Bank N.V., London Branch entered into a Stock index license agreement (the Agreement), reported the press-centre of KASE.

The Agreement entitles ABN AMRO Bank N.V., London Branch to use the main Kazakhstan stock market indicator - KASE Index - for purposes of development and sale of index basket based derivative instruments.

KASE Index substituted KASE_Shares Index and has been regularly calculated since October 1, 2007. KASE Index tracks change of prices on stocks included into its representative list with account to capitalization of issuers and stake of free floating stocks. At that, influence of one stock on index value is limited to 15 %.

The index is calculated by KASE throughout a trading day as deals in representative list stocks are concluded. If no deals have been concluded in some stocks on the day of index calculation, then the price of the last resultant trade in such stock is used.

Today ten stocks of eight issuers comprise the KASE Index representative list:

- common stock of BTA Bank (NIN - KZ1C34920013), trade code - BTAS;

- common stock of Bank CenterCredit (NIN - KZ1C36280010), trade code - CCBN;

- common stock of KAZAKHMYS PLC (ISIN - GB00B0HZPV38), trade code - GB_KZMS;

- common stock of Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan (NIN - KZ1C33870011), trade code - HSBK;

- common stock of Kazkommertsbank (NIN - KZ1C00400016), trade code - KKGB;

- preferred stock of Kazkommertsbank (NIN - KZ1P00400112), trade code - KKGBp;
- common stock of Kazakhtelecom (NIN - KZ1C12280417), trade code - KZTK;

- preferred stock of Kazakhtelecom (NIN - KZ1P12280412), trade code - KZTKp;

- common stock of KazMunaiGas Exploration Production (NIN - KZ1C51460018), trade code - RDGZ;

- common stock of Subsidiary of BTA Bank - Temirbank (NIN - KZ1C00260014), trade code - TEBN.

As on October 23, 2008 the value of the companies that issued the abovementioned stocks totaled to KZT1,732.6 bn. (USD14,462.2 m.) and the value of the KASE Index representative list free floating stocks (free float) totaled to USD4,692.0 m.

As we informed earlier, KKGBp e KZTKp will be removed from the KASE Index representative list November 1, 2008 due to incompliance with liquidity criteria