OREANDA-NEWS  On 31 October was announced, that in September 2008 OGK-1 capacity and electricity sales revenue amounted to 5,580 mln rubles, expenses on purchased electricity and capacity – 1,116 mln rubles. (In September 2007 the revenue amounted to 4,666 mln rubles, while the expenses were 1,307 mln rubles.)

Electricity supplied under regulated contracts amounted to 3,288 mln kWh. Spot market sales were 2,541 mln kWh, balancing market sales – 140.5 mln kWh. In order to implement its obligations to customers the Company purchased 1,150 mln kWh on the spot market, and 174.5 mln kWh on the balancing market.

The volume of electricity sales on the spot market has increased by 18.5% if to compare with the sales in September, 2007. The increase can be explained by the growth of the market liberalization rate on July 1, 2008.

Sales under regulated contracts and purchase on the spot market have decreased by 17% and 31% respectively. This can also be explained by the growth of the market liberalization rate: the volume of regulated contracts has decreased and thus the Company purchased less electricity in order to implement its obligations under regulated contracts.

In September 2008 OGK-1 power plants produced 4,858 mln kWh, which is 5.3% more than in September 2007 (in September 2008 the production amounted to 4,611 mln kWh). Electricity productive supply amounted to 4,645 mln kWh (in September 2007 electricity productive supply amounted to 4,414 mln kWh).