OREANDA-NEWS. October 31, 2008.  The Ukrainian new generation regional airliner An-148-100 is partaking in the International Iran Air Show in Kish Island, the Persian Gulf, according to press-service of the Antonov Aeronautical Scientific/Technical Complex.

The airliner demonstration in Iran is run due to a great interest of airlines in the plane. The An-148 is supposed to be supplemented on Iran's route network with the turbo-prop An-140 aircrafts that have been exploited in the region since November 2004.

The Ukrainian delegation will hold negotiations intended to further enhance cooperation in aviation between Ukraine and Iran that has started more than 12 years ago with signing of the contract on a joint production, design, transfer of technologies and production of the An-140 airplane between Antonov ASTC and HESA Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Ind. Co.

The An-148 is a regional passenger aircraft capable of carrying of 70-90 passengers with maximum range of 5,000 km, cruising speed - 820-870 km/h.

According to expert assessments, the An-148 aircraft 25-30% overpasses the currently used planes of the same class in terms of exploitation efficiency.