OREANDA-NEWS. On October 31, 2008 The National industrial fair and cooperation exchange continued in Uzexpocenter, reported the Official website www.gov.uz.

On the second day of events products of association Uzeltehsanoat, public joint stock company Uzbekistan Temir Yullari and Uzavtoyul, open joint-stock companies Tashkent Tractor Plant, Tashkent plant for processing waste and scrap non-ferrous metals, Technolog, Uzmontazhmahsuskurilish, Uzkurilishmateriallari and Uzavtosanoat were presented.

Presidential Decree of 12 November, 2007 "On measures to further enhance intra-and inter-sectoral industrial cooperation" was an important factor in the development of multilateral relations between industrial enterprises of our country.

Successive reforms undertaken in the country to improve the national transportation hubs and the development of railway links is providing real results. In particular, passengers and cargo transported by Uzbekistan Temir Yullari is increasing each year. The company continues the electrification of railway stations, construction of new railway tracks, works of maintenance of parks freight cars and locomotives. In this regard, there is an established effective cooperation with foreign partners.

Casting-Mechanical Plant is one of the leading enterprises in the "Uzbekistan Temir Yullari". The company specializes in manufacturing and repair of freight cars, manufacturing spare parts.

Since the last fair exchanges of cooperation, our company has mastered production of 15 kinds of new products, said the general director of the factory Farhad Kabulov. In particular, at the fair, we are presenting spare parts for freight cars, excavators and pumps, washers, appliances and equipment for water supply pipes.

There is great interest in our products that meet international standards. Earlier, it was imported from outside. Manufacturing them in the country provides not only comfort but also great economic benefits to the business of the country. During the first Republican fairs exchanges and cooperation, we have made several contracts totaling for 8 billion sums. At this time expect the increase of that. We are negotiating with representatives of entities operating in the industry and other fields, and signing mutually beneficial agreements.

Our country is rapidly continuing localization in the automotive industry. The enterprises set up in the system of Uzavtosanoat, produce batteries, glasses, seats, bumpers, mufflers, fuel tanks, interior decoration products, car paints, tow and a host of other component parts, which proves the consistent development of automobile industry in Uzbekistan.

Our participation in last years Cooperation exchange made good results, said deputy chief of the department of localizing at the joint venture "GM Uzbekistan" Kandiyar Assadov.

Previously, a significant portion of raw materials had been imported from abroad. As a result of participation in the event we solved many problems with raw material and strengthened our cooperation with domestic enterprises. For example, enterprises "Artsanoatplast" and "Spektr" supply us with plastic parts, stamping parts and assemblies.

In the past year, the company have signed about 30 contracts for 200 billion sums. This year we expect the figure of about 300 billion sums. A prerequisite for this is ten agreements signed during the two days since the start of the fair exchanges and cooperation.