OREANDA-NEWS. On 11 January 2008 was announced, that the Acting Head of the Administration of Bolshoe Soldatskoe area S.A. Novosiltsev has thanked Evgeniy Fedorovich Makarov, the team of the "Southern Electric Grids" industrial association, and Bolshoe Soldatskoe Regional Electric Networks for a quick elimination of the consequences of the act of nature which was registered on 22-24 November 2008.

Within this period, all the companies of IDGC of Centre worked hard, in some regions they worked round the clock eliminating the consequences of the hurricane which led to broken transmission lines and failures in operation of transformer substations of the IDGC of Centre's regions.

The Kurskenergo branch of IDGC of Centre send 106 repair teams and 76 reserve teams to eliminate the consequences of the hurricane. By six o'clock in the morning of 24 November, 168 damages were repaired - the main grid was completely restored. The power specialists did all possible to eliminate the consequences of the hurricane completely in the shortest possible time.

"Thanks to quickness of your decision-taking and active work of your employees, the power lines on the territory of the area were restored in the shortest time and a question on replacement of the broken feeding cable "Municipal Educational Institution "Mahovokolodeznaya Main Comprehensive School" was solved without a break of the educational process. We are sincerely grateful for your work", the letter read. 

The powermen of the Interregional Distribution Grid Company of Centre set forth the uninterrupted electric power supplies to consumers as their prime aim. The IDGC-1 mission says, "The main value for us is people, both working for the company, and those we work for".