OREANDA-NEWS. On 11 January 2008 was announced, that according to the legislation, IDGC of Centre plans to suspend services on transmission of electric energy for the regional sales company.

As of today, the debt of the Tver Power Sales Company has grown at least by RUR 250 million, because in December 2008 the company paid off only a half of the debt amount for services on transmission of the electric power.

In total, the amount of the debt on selling to the regional grid power sector equals RUR 1 billion 460 million. Such underfinancing of Tverenergo may entail heavy consequences for electric power supplies of the region, especially in a difficult autumn and winter maximum of loads when the power sector of the region is influenced by the unstable weather with snowfalls, drizzle, and icing of wires.

There is nothing else to do for the IDGC of Centre's powermen as to restrict electric power supplies for non-payers except those who are included in the category of socially significant ones.

Now IDGC of Centre forms a list of consumers for sending notices on switching-off within the next few days.
"We shall act strictly in accordance with the legislation," Eduard Rakovsky, the Director for Regional Development of IDGC of Centre says. "In particular, introduction of the restriction is stipulated by the items of the Rules of Non-discrimination Access to Services on Electric Energy Transmission and Rendering of These Services (item 29) approved by the Governmental Order of the Russian Federation as of 27 December 2004 No.861. and Rules of Functioning of the Retail Markets of Electric Energy within the Transition Period of the Electric Power Industry Reform (Section XIII) of the Russian Federation Governmental Order as of 31 August 2006 No. 530. We expect the company to find an opportunity to pay off the debt. We are ready to dialogue but now, alas, it fails".