OREANDA-NEWS. January 12, 2009. The Federal Tariff Service has approved the electricity production plan of Volgodonsk Nuclear Power Plan for 2009: it is 7.595bln KWh – 95mln KWh more than in 2008. The capacity factor has been set at 86.70%, at least. Each month the plant is supposed to generate an average of 720mln KWh. However, in Apr and May 2009 the output will be reduced by four times, at least, due to the conduct of scheduled maintenance. In line with the schedule of the maintenance campaign 2009, approved by Energoatom Concern OJSC, the maintenance of the 1st unit will be started Apr 6 and will last for 45 days till May 20.

In 2008 Volgodonsk NPP generated 8.210bln KWh against planned 7.498bln KWh. The capacity factor was 92.45% against planned 85.36%. In 2008 the plant produced almost 500mln KWh more than in 2007.
Dec 27 2008 at 05:52 AM for the first time ever Volgodonsk NPP produced 8bln KWh. The annual plan – 7.498bln KWh – was fulfilled on Dec 3 2008. The capacity factor was 92.34% against planned 85.36%.
Such a high production level was the result of a 4% (40MW) rise in the capacity of the 1st unit, modernization of the reactor and turbine compartments, prolongation of the inter-repair period and optimization of the maintenance campaign.

The daily production is over 25mln KWh. Since its launch on Mar 30 2001, the 1st unit of Volgodonsk Nuclear Power Plant has generated 58bln KWh.

The radiation situation at Volgodonsk NPP and in its 30-km monitoring zone is within norm.