OREANDA-NEWS. On 12 January 2009 was announced, that in December 2008 the AN-70 military-transport STOL aircraft has successfully completed a stage of joint State tests in accordance with the schedule approved by First Deputy Minister of Industrial Policy of Ukraine and Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine. Testing of the method of paradropping became the main task of the stage held on a base of State scientific and test centre of Armed Force of Ukraine in Crimea.

Loading and arrangement of paratroopers with armament and equipment on landing seats in cargo compartment of AN-70 were worked through as well as methods of approach and taking up the ready for jumping.

During 11 flights more than 30 paradrops were performed. Test-paratroopers and landing troops of Ministry of Defence of Ukraine performed individual and group jumps. Paradropping of mass landing forces with armament and equipment in three chains through cargo door and side doors at different speeds of flight was performed. The work of dispatchers also had been evaluated.

Beside of safety of paradropping, results of these and previous tests showed high accuracy of landind of people, technique and cargoes.

On December 19, 2008 the aircraft came back from Feodosiya to continue tests on flight-test base of ANTONOV ASTC. At the next stage of the program fail-safety of the aircraft systems will be tested.