OREANDA-NEWS. On 12 January 2009 was announced, that Vladimir Resin, first deputy Mayor of Moscow at City Hall and head of Integrated Body for Urban Design Policy and Development of Moscow, made the traditional Saturday examination of the building plots within the Russian capital, the first one in 2009, on 3 January.

Having finished a visiting meeting at the headquarters of SU-155 group of companies in Shcherbinka neighbourhood of Moscow, Mr Resin answered journalists questions.

QUESTION: Mr Resin, please, sum up the development of Butovo and Shcherbinka neighbourhoods in 2008 and trace these areas development prospects for 2009.

Resin: The builders have completed all plans for 2008 in Shcherbinka. Now they are to make the objects have been moved into at the earliest possible date.

The 2009 program is a significant one. It provides for building 160,000 sq m of housing, several schools, clinics, kindergartens both in Shcherbinka and Butovo as well as to complete their infrastructures and, the main goal, to design and develop a settlement for large families.

So, the pace of construction wont be cut here. As you can see today, the work is under way, thousands of builders have come to work. They are to work during all extended Russian New Years holidays to catch up with the backlog of development of Shcherbinka and Butovo.

QUESTION: Is the Moscow City Government going to reduce the programs aimed to move residents of the dilapidated housing into new residential buildings due to the global financial crisis?

Resin: No, it is not. On the contrary, this program will be extended. The whole social program of Moscow has remained the same and even is going to be bigger.

QUESTION: What makes this program come bigger? Is it the development?

Resin: No, this is stipulated by the city budget of Moscow which hasnt been cut for the social programs.

QUESTION: Will the city go on purchasing housing from developers for cut prices?

Resin: Prices are determined by market. The city will go on purchasing living areas for social purposes from investors, including the areas we planned to buy in December 2008 which we havent bought in full.

QUESTION: Why do some developers refuse to tender? Is it unprofitable for them to sell areas at such prices?

Resin: Nobody refuses. Someone just couldnt tender as only completed housing can be put in a bid.

QUESTION: What has been done and what is being done for arranging a reliable transport connection between Shcherbinka, Butovo and Moscow?

Resin: The section reconstructed within Varshavskoe Highway has been opened to traffic. The second part of the tunnel (under a junction of the railway line and Varshavskoe Highway) is to be completed by May 2009. The improvement will be done, the route is to work at full traffic capacity. The transport connection between Shcherbinka and Moscow will be satisfactory.

QUESTION: Mr Resin, all the development is being done by the builders. What do you want to wish them on the occasion of New Year that has come?

Resin: I wish all of builders success and to meet the commitments we have undertaken!