OREANDA-NEWS. On 12 January 2009 was announced, that more than 115,000 square metres of housing are to be built in neighbourhood 49A included in Marfino township of northeast Moscow by 2016 within its reconstruction.

“Neighbourhood 49A within Marfino township is to be designed and undergo an all-inclusive reconstruction by the end of 2015 at the expense of Moscow’s budget funds. The design project provides for building dwelling houses with the total area of flats equal to 115,250 sq m, incorporated and integrated premises with the total area of over 7,600 sq m and underground garages for 375 vehicles,” a source from City Hall said.

The official specified that the reconstruction would include the moving out and the demolition of 11 residential buildings with the living area of over 35,500 sq m.

“11 houses located on Botanicheskaya, Malaya Botanicheskaya and Akademika Komarova streets are to be taken down. These are 5-storey buildings erected from 1955 to 1965,” the source noted.

According to him, when the reconstruction is over, there will be social objects with the total area of over 9,600 sq m built and overhauled in the neighbourhood. In particular, comprehensive school No 296 on Bolshaya Marfinskaya Street is to be reconstructed and improved.

“A mixed-use centre with the total area of over 18,200 sq m equipped with an underground garage for 200 vehicles will be erected in the neighbourhood. It is also stipulated to put up detached parking garages for 880 vehicles,” the official added.