OREANDA-NEWS. February 12, 2009. The fire safety and emergency response systems of Angarsk Electrolysis Chemical Complex (AECC), which serves as a basis for the International Uranium Enrichment Center, are efficient and highly prepared. Such a resolution has been passed by a recent inspection of the territorial civil defense and emergency response services of Angarsk municipal district.

All of 58 measures recommended to AECC by the previous fire safety inspection have been fulfilled with a total of 5.5mln RUR spent. 8.5mln RUR has been spent on the purchase of gas masks and other civil defense property. The company has conducted a command and staff exercise for responding to and preventing possible acts of terrorism.

In the framework of the target program “Fire Safety of AECC’s Facilities in 2007–2011,” the company has inspected all of its industrial facilities and has repaired and overhauled its protective strucutures.

Launched over half a century ago, Angarsk Electrolysis Chemical Complex, is a complex of technologically inter-linked productions of anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, fluorine, enriched uranium,  freons, triflates, nuclear instruments. An international uranium enrichment center was established on the basis of the plant in 2006  The activities of the center are controlled by IAEA.  Sept 1 2008 AECC was reorganized into an open joint stock company with 100% of its shares given to Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation.