OREANDA-NEWS. February 27, 2010. According to statistic data of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan (CBA), in January  balance assets of country’s bank system grew from USD 14.525 bn (rate: AZN 0.801 = USD 1) summarizing the results of 2009 to USD 14.4 bn (rate: AZN 0.8035 = USD 1). In manat equivalent they fell by 0.7% versus level of December, 2009.

CBA informed that on 1st February 2010 assets of Azerbaijani banks made AZN 11.87 bn against AZN 11.665 bn on 1st January 2010 and AZN 10.08 bn.

Loans for clients prevailed in the structure of assets (AZN 7.969 bn versus AZN 7.69 bn and AZN 6.8 bn), investments (AZN 851.24 million against AZN 836.07 million and AZN 682.24 million), funds in correspondent accounts (AZN 799.2 million versus AZN 844.6 million and AZN 852.57 million) and available funds (AZN 436.1 million against AZN 466.22 million and AZN 419.56 million).

On 1st February, 2010, total liabilities of the banking sector made AZN 9.6 bn against AZN 9.66 bn and AZN 8.3 bn. Deposits prevailed in structure of liabilities (AZN   4.19 bn versus AZN 4.29 bn and AZN 3.85 bn) and loans and deposits from financial sector (AZN 4.508 bn against AZN 4.477 bn and AZN 3.198 bn).