OREANDA-NEWS. June 29, 2010. Joint stock company Ventspils nafta Management Board member Ilva Purena has stepped down from her position due to health condition.

According to the articles of the company, VN board consists of four members. As the fourth member of VN Management board Andris Vilcmeiers has been appointed.

Andris Vilcmeiers is the deputy chairman of the Supervisory council of assoicated JSC „Latvijas kugnieciba”. Previosly A.Vilcmeiers has worked on the Supervisory Council of JSC Ventspils nafta subsidiary Ventspils nafta terminals Ltd in 2008 and 2009, and till the beginning of year 2010 was appointed Chairman of the Supervisory Council for SIA LatRosTrans.

As previously informed other VN Management Board members are Boris Bednov and Alexander Yagdzhiyant, chairman of the board is Simon Boddy.

JSC Ventspils nafta is the central holding company in a transit-oriented Group whose task is to manage the investments in subsidiaries by promoting the Group's joint values and growth in the value of each subsidiary individually.

JSC Ventspils nafta Group is working in the following areas: transshipment of crude oil and petroleum products; transport of crude oil and petroleum products by pipelines; a shipping business.