OREANDA-NEWS. June 29, 2010. The amended Charter of Siauliu bankas AB with the increased up to LTL 204,857,533 (EUR 59,380,843) authorized capital was registered in the Register of Legal Entities.

The authorized capital of the bank was increased by the resolution of the Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting held on 18 May 2010.  The issue of 24,500,000 ordinary registered shares of LTL 1 nominal value each with LTL 1.04 issue price was issued for the capital increase and was disseminated to eight investors, belonging to the group of shareholders, having a consent from the Bank of Lithuania to acquire and manage the qualified share of the authorized capital and voting rights of the bank, reaching or exceeding 50 percent.

Belonging to this group European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the major shareholder of the bank, has signed and paid for 17 million shares. For this purpose EBRD used LTL 17,680,000 (EUR 5,120,482) from the Convertible loan of EUR 30 million, granted to Siauliu bankas pursuant to an agreement as of 14 October 2009.  
On 29 June 2010 the records on Siauliu bankas' general issue account in Central Securities Depository of Lithuania will be made, joining the new issue of shares with the ordinary registered shares issue of LTL 1 nominal value of Siauliu bankas (Securities ISIN code LT0000102253), and the shares will be recorded to the personal securities accounts of shareholders, who had signed and paid for new shares.

This moment will be also deemed as the enrollment of newly issued shares into trading in the regulated market. The prospectus, intended for the enrollment of newly issued shares into trading in the regulated market, which was approved on 10 June 2010 by the Securities Commission, is published by the bank on its website: