OREANDA-NEWS. June 30, 2010. This was the topic of discussion in the course of meeting of acting President of Moldova Mihai Ghimpu and members of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Board of Directors making a visit to Chisinau.

Mihai Ghimpu welcomed the new EBRD Strategy for Moldova that determines complex and concrete tasks in order to improve business climate, supports the diversification of economy, reforms of energy sectors, infrastructure, municipal transport, etc. The acting President of Moldova considers the implementation of this Strategy helpful in overcoming of crisis situations not only in this sector but in other sectors of socially-economic life as well, because starting reforms in one field leads to changes in the other fields also.

Mihai Ghimpu noted that the Alliance for European Integration has already developed and is implementing the program of reforms, supported by Western partners, the purpose of which is the revival of national economy and creation of favorable investment climate. He emphasized that in order to achieve the major goals – liquidation of poverty and European integration, it is necessary to revive national economy what is possible only under constant investments inflow in all sectors. Mihai Ghimpu said that he counts on effective cooperation with EBRD, participating actively in the promotion of foreign investment to Moldova and favors the improvement of investment climate, and also supports the banks.

The member of EBRD Board of Directors Kurt Bayer announced that in the future the European Bank is ready to provide Moldova with all the necessary assistance and support for realization of the program of reforms, stressing that EBRD still remains faithful partner of Moldavian economy. From the beginning of its activity in Moldova EBRD has placed =EUR401.6 million in 74 projects in various fields, including on development of infrastructure, energy sector, support of banking sector.