OREANDA-NEWS. June 30, 2010. The founders of the congress – several branch and specialized associations, among which the National Association of Producers of Moldova (ANPM), the Association for Culinary Art of Moldova (ACA).

One of the main congress’s objects – is the development and implementation of complex programs for economical growth and versatile development of social sphere, the creation of favorable conditions for the development of business environment in the country that will result in economic stabilization and expansion of collaboration between Moldovan and foreign entrepreneurs.

Also the NCME in cooperation with national and international experts has developed a complex strategy of economical growth and social stabilization of Moldova, aimed to equalize businessmen in their rights and to create equal activity conditions. As it was said at press-conference by the chairman of NCME Vasiliy Tarlev, at present 17 more branch and specialized associations think over the entry into NCME.

At the same time Tarlev noted that NCME is the member of International Congress of Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs, including 30 countries. As Simen Boran, the chairman of ACA, said, NCME will make it possible to promote goods on national and international markets and to unite the business environment of Moldova.