OREANDA-NEWS. July 01, 2010. As the Minister of Finance Veaceslav Negruta has informed, according to amendments, the income of state budget increased by 1 billion 012.5 million leis (6.6%) as compared to initial numbers – from 15 billion 318.3 million to 16 billion 330.8 million leis; the charges – by 263.7 million leis (1.4%) – from 19 billion 454.5 million to 19 billion 718.2 million leis.

The deficit of state budget as of 2010 reduced as compared to initially established by 748.7 million leis (18.1%) – from 4 billion 136.2 million to 3 billion 387.5 million leis. The head of the Ministry of Finance noted that the amendments to state budget were influenced by new trends and economic development assessments of this year and the effect they had on national public budget in whole and state budget, particularly.

Thus, in the Ist quarter the pressure on budget-fiscal position was weakened and fiscal position gradually recovered from slump. Against the improvement of financial situation on internal and external markets in the Ist quarter of 2010 were observed the growth of production, export and the tendencies of retail trade and services volume growth, provided to population. The VAT of Moldova in the Ist quarter of 2010 increased by 4.7%, the export in creased by 11.2%, import – by 6.1%, industrial production volume – by 5.5%, retail sales volume – by 7.8%.

The development of economy from the beginning of this year influenced the national public and state budget, the income of which increased due to improvement of tax administration, expansion of tax basis and reduction of tax evasions. Veaceslav Negruta noted that the additional income in state budget will be made by means of augmentation of sum as a result of tax income collection from entrepreneurial activity (by means of distribution of dividends and withholding tax) – 94.7 million leis; VAT on the imported goods – 425.6 million leis; foreign trade taxes and external operations – 81 million leis; assets on wine materials, vodka, divines, strong drinks, tobacco and jewelry goods, other goods – 45.6 million leis; dividends on the share of government’s participation in joint-stock companies – 55.6 million leis; the remainder of net income of the NBM according to the results of activity for the year 2009 – 336.6 million leis.

The additional expenses will be made for: social compensations to low-income families in winter period; public assistance according to monthly minimal guarantee income; war pensions; compensations to population of Transnistrian areas due to the raise of electricity tariffs; creation of University center of stimulation of practical skills in medical education; free passport issuance; purchasing of anti-hail rockets, exploitation of irrigation system and so on. The deficit of Moldovan state budget for 2010 will be covered by means of emission of state securities, external loans and funds from privatization.