OREANDA-NEWS. July 01, 2010. A teleconference with Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbaev was held in dedication of the opening of a symbolic stone for the beginning of construction of Balkhash power plant. The ceremony was attended by government officials, representatives of a local community and companies engaged in the project, reported the press-centre of KASE.

It is required to build the power plant to avert shortages of power in the South of the country with over 40% of the population of the republic, a reason the project was included in the State program for forced industrial and innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for YY2010 - 2014. The two-celled power plant will boast 1320 MWt power capacity, which may be increased up to 2640 MWt in the future.

The Balkhash power plant construction project is planned to be implemented in the period YY2010 through 2015 through joint efforts of the consortium Samruk-Energo, Kazakhmys, KEPCO and Samsung C&T. The state has a 25% + 1 share in the consortium.

During the teleconference, a representative of the Chinese Consortium, Vice-president of Samsung C&T Corporation, Mr Chung-Soo Kim reported on the course of the project and stressed the importance of use of global high technologies and equipment in the construction. Additional highly effective ecological international standard compliant installations will ensure achievement of European norms regarding emissions of poisonous substances.

Preparation construction and assembly works began. Runway Kayratkol - Balkhashskaya is being repaired, Kayratkol station is being enlarged, and water conduit from water intake structure at Balkhash Lake through the potable water preparation facilities is being constructed.

The project will engage 7000 people, of which 80% will be Kazakhstan specialists, increasing revenues and prosperity of population. The project as well will produce manifold effect thanks to development of related industries.

The project has an important national, social and economical value. The power plant will boost power production and ensure energy security of the country.