OREANDA-NEWS. July 02, 2010. In June 2009 JSC „SAF Tehnika" started a research project "Development of solutions for design of new-generation wireless digital microwave radio products" co-financed by European Regional Development Fund and Latvian national budget according to the concluded agreement No.L-JPI-09-0002 (project No.JPI/ with the state agency "Investment and Development Agency of Latvia".

The project is being implemented according to the project plan and the second interim report has been submitted.

Two activities are completed:
1) The research on designing the algorithm for pre-distortion coefficients and the results will be applied in the concept of new SAF products; 

2) Technical pre-research of duplexer- within a scope of this activity wide range of research work had been done - information analysis, programming, designing of technical solutions as well as evaluating the alternatives.

New research activity has been started - modeling of a duplexer and soon testing of the evaluation of allowable errors of duplexer parameters will be started on the base of a real project. Using real duplexer models, it is planned to estimate the efficiency of the acquired solutions, as well as define suitability areas of the algorithm.