OREANDA-NEWS. July 02, 2010. Administration for preparation and treatment of process fluid for pressure maintenance (UPTZH for PPD) was established in 1970 on the basis of existing water intake and water treatment facilities of NGDU Almetyevneft, Aznakaevskneft and Elhovneft and today UPTZH for PPD is one of the strongest structural divisions of the Company, which provides services for 7 administrative areas of the Republic of Tatarstan, delivers water to 67consumers, serves 4 water intake and 4 water treatment facilities, 15 pumping stations hydraulic and engineering installations at Karabash water storage pool and 1860 km of trunk mains, reported the press-centre of TATNEFT.                                               

Efficient management and reliability of the control at the company is provided by the automated control system.

As part of OAO TATNEFT's environmental program all boiler installations have been transferred from mazut to gas fuel.

In 2009, OAO TATNEFT adopted and implemented an extensive program to increase the water treatment volumes and to improve the quality of drinking water. In connection with this UPTZH for PPD renovated 13.6 km long trunk water lines for supply of drinking water within the city limits through application of the cement/sand internal lining, reconstruction of Bigashevo water treatment facilities for post purification of the Kama water supplied to Almetyevsk. The company has built two waterlines with internal cement/sand lining from Bigashevo water treatment facilities to the pumping station of the fourth water lifting facility for pumping the drinking purified water.

Now the drinking water delivered to the distributing network of Almetyevsk meets all the parameters of the prevailing sanitary norms and rules.

UPTZH for PPD is a winner of numerous competitions: "The best structural division of OAO TATNEFT", "For the maintenance of the aesthetic state of springs", competitions for rationalization and invention work between the structural divisions of the oil company.