OREANDA-NEWS. July 02, 2010. SOCAR Ecology Department held initial seasonal sea monitoring at “Oil Rocks” field. The purpose of the seasonal monitoring is to study the current environmental condition, population density of the planktons during the stratification of water layers and quantity of food substances in upper and lower water layers. During the initial monitoring overall 291 specimen were taken for chemical, microbiologic, phytoplankton, zooplankton, and benthos analyses and presented to Complex Research Laboratory of the Department. Consequently, initial report will be made on obtained results and total report will be made during the second seasonal monitoring. The total report will cover the geological structure of the field, hydrometheorological conditions, infrastructure, water and bottom deposits analysis, broad information on microbiologic, hydrobiologic and ichthyological research. According to the general results of hydrobiologic researches, the comparisons will be made on positive or negative change in feed chain in the Caspian Sea.