OREANDA-NEWS. July 02, 2010. Recently the well No 2303 drilled from the platform No 741 in “Oil Rocks” field was capitally repaired by Oil Rocks OGPD and put into operation. The daily output of the well drilled to horizon X within 1351-1338 meters makes 3 tons of oil. The well No 2303 has produced 57 thousand tons of oil since 2001. In general, after the capital repair by Oil Rocks OGPD 11 wells were returned to operation within 5 months of the current year which produced 4059 tons of oil.

State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) is one of the largest oil companies in the world. Using the oil reserves based on the indivisible state policy, to improve the management structure of the oil industry, to provide development of the petroleum energy complex for this purpose under the order of the president of Azerbaijan republic on the basis of the State Concern and Azerneftkimiya the State Oil Company of Republic was established.