OREANDA-NEWS. July 05, 2010. In educational centre "Sayano-Shushensky" of the Corporate University of hydropower engineering of Open Society "RusGidro" there was held a week seminar on theme "Microprocessor protections of plant facilities and overhead high-voltage lines". Experts from SPC "Rakurs" took active part in the seminar and presented reports of a high practical focus.

The following themes were discussed by experts of SPC "Rakurs" for workers of services of technological control systems and industrial engineering services of eight branches of Open Society "RusGidro":

Aspects of local systems integration in control systems for hydropower plants.

Schemes of integration in control systems at unit level.

Schemes of integration in control systems at upper level.

Frequency and active power regulating systems. PID control law.

Regulator for hydraulic turbines. Hardware and software complex "Electro Hydraulic Regulator".

Reconstruction of hydromechanical operating column.

The report of authoritative expert in the field of regulating systems Oleg Bashnin (the chief specialist of SPC “Rakurs” in hydraulic control) was presented in as a video film. After the film all the listeners had a possibility to ask the lecturer questions they were interested in by phone.

"At joint summarizing of the seminar the listeners noted high level of teaching and big practical orientation of seminar. According to listeners the big profit of the seminar was in simultaneous presentation of developments of almost all the leading organizations in the field of microprocessor protection, therefore the listeners could make contrastive analysis of the up-to-date equipment which is produced by these companies", - was told in RusGidro.