OREANDA-NEWS. July 06, 2010. This was announced at press conference by the head of the State Taxation Service of Moldova Nicolay Platon, on the occasion of its 20-year anniversary. He noted, thus the transactions will be monitored and all information will be transferred on-line to Taxation Service, that will reduce the human factor.

Among the other intentions of State Taxation Service are: the design of Taxation Service development strategy for 2011-2015; improvement of services, provided to taxpayers; prevention of fiscal violations by means of revealing the firms-phantoms on the initial stage; facilitation of tax accounts; creation of single taxpayer’s account; obligatory implementation of electronic declarations and accounts for the large taxpayers. Nicolay Platon specially noted the intention to impose a single tax for special categories of taxpayers (restaurants, bars, cafes and other drinking establishments, beauty saloons and hairdressing saloons, car washes, dental clinics, and tobacco and alcohol drinks country shops in area up to 25 square meters).

Imposing of single tax will allow increasing the payments of these economic agents to the budget, and, at the same time, to reduce the number of inspections. According to his words, were held the meetings with economic agents and professional organizations on the discussion of this question and the majority of them supported this proposal.

Particularly, it is suggested to impose a tax of 1800 leis for 1 taxi-car per quarter (in Chisinau there are 122 taxi companies with 3200 cars). For car washes the tax will be calculated depending on water used: in Chisinau – 100 leis per cubic meter, in Beltsy – 60 leis per cubic meter, in Comrat – 30 leis per cubic meter.