OREANDA-NEWS. July 06, 2010. OAO ARMADA (MICEX, RTS: ARMD) announces the results of the first Russian conference "IT Modernization and Innovation in the Public Sector", hosted by ARMADA in conjunction with CNews Conferences in Moscow.

Over 200 delegates from 60 Russian governmental organizations attended the event. The key speakers were representatives of the state authorities who play a crucial role in developing the Russian IT market. To name just a few, the Communications and Mass Media Ministry was represented by Ilya Massukh — an Advisor to the Communications and Mass Media Minister; the Russian Technologies Corporation delegated Leonid Ukhlinov, General Director of an IT Company Sirius; and Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia Mikhail Senatorov acted on behalf of Russia’s Central Bank.

Ilya Massukh, an Advisor to the Communications and Mass Media Minister, dedicated his speech to the task of translating public services into an electronic format. He outlined the ministry’s efforts to develop a unified public services portal launched on December 15, 2009. "The portal now has over 100,000 registered users, and we expect to expand the amount considerably by the year-end using the social card as an access key to services. By the end of 2010, the transition of a number of services to an electronic format will be completed, version of the portal for information terminals as well as a feature of personal cabinets for citizens and companies will be up and running," he said. Another important area of the ministry’s efforts, according to Ilya Massukh, is the support of Russian open source software developers and the creation of popular services for the broad public and business based on Russian technologies.

Leonid Ukhlinov, the General Director of IT Company Sirius, which is part of the Russian Technologies group of companies, announced that his company had already embarked on the creation of an open source software repository: "We started building up the first data processing center in Moscow region, and the second one is already underway in Novosibirsk." The project’s authors expect to create a Russian operating system which will be maintainable and updated on an ongoing basis, based on the repository, by 2011. The project is by far a crucial decision made by the government when it comes to transitioning to open source software, since it shapes the infrastructure required for Russian software developers and users.

Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia Mikhail Senatorov, for his part, expounded on the creation of an integrated information space for the Bank of Russia based on the bank’s integration portal, as well as on the factors that sparked its implementation, particularly those stemming from the Bank of Russia’s support of the Russian banking system during the most severe economic crisis of 2008.

Other speakers included deputy head of the Federal Financial Monitoring System Alexei Spiridonov, envoy of the Republic of Bashkortostan to the Russian President Shamil Tikeyev, deputy department head at the Federal State Statistics Service Natalya Pashintseva, General Director of Alt Linux Alexei Smirnov and over 15 other participants.