OREANDA-NEWS. July 07, 2010. Interpipe Niko Tube has successfully passed the second audit for pressure-operated pipes and vessels. The audit was carried out according to the demands of the European Equipment Directive, Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC, and German instructions for pressure-operated capacities and boilers, AD 2000 – Merkblatt W0. The audit was carried out by the international certifying agency TUV NORD Systems GmbH (Hamburg, Germany).

The TUV NORD certification demonstrates that Interpipe Niko Tube has all the necessary conditions for the production of pressure-operated pipe such as qualified personnel, modern equipment and a quality management system for the production of pipe with special application.

Andrey Bibik, Director for Machinery & Power Sales at Interpipe, said: “Interpipe has passed the TUV NORD audit for pipes and vessels many times. The first audit pertaining to the European Equipment Directive was passed by Interpipe Niko Tube back in 2002, and AD 2000 in 2004. This certificationis a necessary demand of the market in which we work and demonstrates the trust of buyers not only in Europe, but in the whole world.”