OREANDA-NEWS. July 07, 2010. The UN Global Compact Leaders Summit 2010 held in New York on has become the largest meeting on the corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the history of the United Nations (UN). Over 1,500 representatives of businesses, non-profit organisations, investment and academic communities, governments of many countries and the UN widely participated in discussion of the most pressing global challenges.

In his opening address the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stated that this Summit was aimed at building a new are of sustainability - an era where environmental, social and governance issues are deeply integrated into business.

The Summit consisted of three parts. The first part set the sustainability agenda that would encourage quicker integration of the UN Global Compact's ten principles into the corporate culture of a greater number of businesses. In the view of the UN representatives, today in the context of the globalized marketplace it is more important for businesses to be socially focused and attend to the needs of the society.

During the second part the participants discussed the need for reforming the corporate understanding of the social responsibility and the importance of integration of the CSR principles across the organisation, from the Board down to each production facility and office. During that part the participants were offered a number new tools and resources in environment protection, fighting corruption, information disclosure, women's empowerment in the workplace, investment in the conflict-affected and high-risk areas.

The final part was dedicated to summing up what had been done over the decade since the world leaders committed to reduce extreme poverty and set out the Millennium Development Goals. The global financial crisis has aggravated the famine and poverty in many countries, and the UN called the business to address widely these issues.

Jock Mendoza-Wilson, Director of International and Investor Relations and Aleksandra Zayarnaya, CSR Manager represented SCM at the Summit.

Director of International and Investor Relations Jock Mendoza-Wilson who represented both SCM and the Global Compact Network Ukraine of which it is the Chairman commented the event as follows: "Initiated by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit 2010 has set the sustainability agenda for the global business leaders. For SCM and other Ukrainian businesses it is important to be in vanguard of this process and be widely involved in establishing the international standards and best practices."