OREANDA-NEWS. July 09, 2010. Allianz ROSNO Life is holding a contest "Around the World with ARL" for the employees of its selling divisions throughout Russia. The duration of the program is one year. Consisting of three stages, the program enables the winners of each stage to travel to one of the foreign cities together with the company’s CEO, reported the press-centre of ROSNO.  

The contest "Around the World with ARL" is held to spur sales and motivate salespeople and managers of the agent network. Each of the three stages is designed to achieve one of the sales targets (premium collected or sales efficiency (quantity and regularity). The individual criteria necessary to win in the contest are specified in the terms of the contest separately for each category of participants — salespeople, sales managers or heads of selling divisions — and fully conform to the motivational principles adopted by the company.

Following the results of the first program stage (February to April), 5 winners were named, who then visited the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.

The winners of the second stage (June to August) will be awarded with a tour to Munich, to visit the world’s renowned beer festival "Octoberfest".

The victory in the third stage of the contest will bring the winners a voyage to one of the maritime countries.

"Motivational events represent an important part of the agent network expansion strategy pursued by Allianz ROSNO Life", notes Ms. Zinaida Myakina, sales director of Allianz ROSNO Life. "Unlike the „post factum“ remuneration for good results, the contests held on the a priori known and feasible terms provide a good stimulus and a charge of enthusiasm to all salespeople and agent network managers without exception. Furthermore, such contests enable employees to attain better understanding of the successful performance criteria, and the public awarding ceremony clearly demonstrates that any results, even those which would seem incredible, can be achieved in life insurance. Along with individual contests, we also conduct motivational events for the divisions: this helps us to build stronger teams".