OREANDA-NEWS. July 09, 2010. The largest forestry fair "ЕUROFOREST-2010" is over, the main news being the presentation of the 8-wheeled timber forwarder "Sleipner 814TF" with its special rotating cabin. 

This innovative model was presented by the  market leader  in high performance forestry machines, the Danish company Silvatec Skovmaskiner A/S, integrated into Machinery and Industrial Group N.V. in 2006. Since that moment, considerable investments have  been made by the Group to preserve its leading positions on this specialized market. It is thanks to this that this company with an experience of more than 25 years,  drew the attention of a large crowd of visitors during Euroforest 2010, where its latest  development and addition to the product range, the "Sleipner 814TF" forwarder.was demonstrated. It was jointly completed with Russian colleagues 

Neither rain nor mud could hamper the visitors attendance. The exposition drew an estimated 10-15 thousand people daily and Silvatec had 3 very busy days with several hundred visitors coming to the Silvatec stand to meet the Silvatec staff and see the machines. In addition to the new forwarder the visitors could see a Sleipner 8266 TH harvester fitted with a heavy duty crane and harvesting head. 

The novelty of the forwarder, however, drew special attention from all the visitors. Moreover it also resulted in a large number of new contacts and sales leads.

Judged by the positive comments from old customers well acquainted with the quality of Silvatec machines as well as new potential  customers the spacious and comfortable cabin  with a 270 rotating angle and the ability to tilt forward, backward and to the sides, will be a much appreciated workplace in the forestry industry.

The fair visitors also got acquainted to other examples of Silvatec production, recognized and appreciated both in Europe and in Russia. It is specifically with the introduction of Danish technology on the Russian forestry market that Russia has opened the era of new technology, based on the protection of natural resources combined with a high efficiency.

"We had long talks during these days with our potential customers and also with old clients and we are expecting  to close the first sales of forwarder within the next month." - Silvatec Skovmaskiner A/S CEO Mr. Peter Graversen commented on the results of  "ЕUROFOREST-2010".

Through the introduction of  the forwarder  the Russian-Danish team has clearly launched a challenge to competitors in the market. The  German "Forst & Technik" magazine reflects on the forwarder   as an "optimal choice for both European and other markets".