OREANDA-NEWS. July 12, 2010. According to Marketing, Listing and Rates Departments of Stock Exchange of Moldova, the largest amount of 25.9 million leis was made from the sell of stock of 72.312% Marculesti-Combi, gathering and processing the crops, and producing the meat.

Besides were sold: 2.913% shares of Lactis (Riscani, the production of dairy products) for 232.3 thousand leis; 23% of JS Avicola din Brinzenii Noi (Telenesti, production of eggs and their incubation) for 202.4 thousand leis; 11.317% of JS Constructia Modern (Singerei, construction work) for 195.8 thousand leis; 39.024% of JS Intreprinderea de reparatie si deservire a tehnicii (Ocnita, production of reservoirs for storage of oil products) for 50.8 thousand leis; 7.39% of JS Fabrica de conserve Olanesti (production of tinned vegetables and fruit, juices) – for 45.3 thousand leis; 3.979% shares of JS Vinal-Coci (Cantemir, Cociulia village, purchasing, processing and selling of grapes) for 29.9 thousand leis; 0.066% shares of JS InComLac (Balti, production of dairy products) for 10.65 thousand leis; 1.597% of JS IAHNI (Ceadir-Lunga, processing and production of meat) for 10.2 thousand leis; 1.291% of JS Gaoace (Singerei, chicken incubation) for 1.85 thousand leis; 0.195% shares of JS de constructii si reparatii Luceafarul (Drochia, repairs and construction) for 648 leis; 0.061% shares of JS Noroc (Mindresti village, Telenesti region, production and selling of wine products) for 127 leis.

In whole, the stocks of state shares in 44 joint-stock companies were set out there. Moreover, stocks of shares in 14 enterprises make up more than 50% of charter capital. In other joint-stock companies stocks of state shares set out for sale make up from 0.061% to 41.963%. The initiator of this auction is the Agency of Public Property under the Ministry of Economy. The under the hummer auction took place from July 6th to July 9th.

The form of auction holding – the selling of shares in single stocks by means of voice bidding, providing the principle of publicity, transparency and equality of all participants. People who offer the higher price become the purchasers.