OREANDA-NEWS. July 12, 2010. The gear ring is manufactured for 5-meter revolving cement furnace at Kavkazcement company (Cherkessk), which constitutes a part of Eurocement group at North Caucasus. The gear ring is 7960 mm in diameter and 950 mm in height; weight of the finished product is 59,6 tons. This is the second Uralmashplant gear ring manufactured recently (the previous one was produced by the plant for Volskcement JSC last year).

Due to the sizes, structural complexity and specific steel grades, cement-furnace gear rings are unique. When in operation, gear rings sustain heavy loads; considering this and outdoor-operation mode of the gear ring as well as North Caucasus climatic conditions the designers specified strict requirements for the materials to be used. The gear ring is made of 35НХЛ composite steel (which posed some technological process problems to be solved). 

Mr. Sergei Chervyakov, Mining Equipment Division director, says: At present only four Russian plants are capable to manufacture such a product. At that, 5-meter cement furnaces are of the mostly common standard size. With the experience and prototype we have, we would expect to secure regular-basis orders for large-scale gear rings placed by cement companies.

Uralmashplant has a long history of cooperation with Eurocement group. The plant has produced various cement-mill casings and covers for various enterprises of Eurocement group. However, this is the first time when the plant manufactures cement-furnace gear ring.

EUROCEMENT group is an international industrial holding company, which produces various construction materials: cement, concrete and breakstone. The company is one of the largest cement manufacturers of the world and incorporates 16 complete-cycle cement plants located in Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, as well as manufactures of concrete and concrete goods, plus quarries for the extraction of rock products, and industrial engineering companies. Production capacity of the holding company is 37,5 million tons of cement and 10 million cubic meters of concrete per year.

Uralmash Machine-Building Corporation is one of the leaders in the Russian market of metallurgical, mining, oil- and gas-producing industrial equipment, as well as the equipment for construction-materials industry and power industry. The development strategy of Uralmash Machine-Building Corporation is to create a state-of-the-art machine-building corporation, which will be able to fully satisfy the customers' needs for equipment. The production sites of Uralmash Machine-Building Corporation are located in Ekaterinburg (Uralmashplant) and Orsk (ORMETO-YUMZ).