OREANDA-NEWS. July 12, 2010. The Bank of Moscow acted as a general agent of the bond issue of the Republic of Karelia series 34013 with a total par value of 2 billion rubles. The Republic made a decision to allocate the bonds for 1 036 billion rubles on 24 June 2010 according to the budget needs. The bonds for the remaining amount will be allocated in September or October.

The loan term is 5 years, and the amortization type of the principal debt repayment is provided for. The bonds have 20 quarter coupons. The rate of the first coupon was established at the level of 9.91% per annum. The rates of the 2d-6th coupons have also been established in the amount of 9.91% per annum, the rates of the 7th-10th coupons is 9.71% per annum, the rate of the 11th-14th coupons is 9.51% per annum, the rate of the 15th-18th coupons is 9.41% per annum and the rate of the 19th and 20th coupon is 9.31% per annum.