OREANDA-NEWS. July 13, 2010. According to Roman Podcorytov, Managing Director of Chisinau International Airport, this will become possible only after signing and ratification in December 2011 the Agreement on European Common Aviation Area (ECAA), stipulated by the governmental Civil Aviation Development Strategy for 2007-2011.

This agreement stipulates the creation of common airspace of the ECAA member countries, while the bilateral agreements often don’t allow the liberalization of air-services market. At the same time, it would be necessary to change current law on civil aviation in order to provide the access of low-cost companies on Moldovan air-market. Roman Podcorytov noted that at present the administration of the airport receives proposals on collaboration and air tickets sales from low-cost companies approximately once a month.

For example, Ukrainian company Wizz Air Ukraine is interested in the opening of low-cost flight Chisinau-Kiev. In its turn, the Chisinau International Airport has already developed the methods for attraction of such airlines by means of providing various benefits such as low tariffs on certain services during 6 months. Low-cost airlines are selling the flight tickets at very low prices in exchange for the renunciation of traditional passenger services. The origin of low-cost concept is USA from where it has spread to Europe in the early 90-ties.