OREANDA-NEWS. July 13, 2010. Ukrainian business magazine “Expert” made a rating of the most efficient and the most effective bankers of Ukraine.

According to the search results Dmitry Seredenko — the Head of Supervisory Board of Bank Credit Dnepr took the fourth place in efficiency of business dealing and the fifth among the most effective bankers of Ukraine.

To get into the top 10 of the most successful bankers, it was necessary to assure to the financial institution the increasing of the population’s deposits in the past year at least 14%. Bank Credit Dnepr has exceeded this index in 2,5 times.

To get into the top 10 of the most effective bankers, for the last five years it was needed to show return on equity at the level no less than 3,3%. In a crisis 2008-2009 years this task was very hard. Index of Bank Credit Dnepr on this position was 11,02 %.

As a magazine “Expert” mentions: “Though now it’s too early to say about the end of crisis in a financial sector, but it is already possible to do justice to the leaders, who kept their companies. Numbers are talking for these people: even when it was difficult they kept market share of their companies and provided enviable income.

This is how Dmitry Seredenko commented the rating results: “For the last two years we were able to make sure in the correctness of the chosen strategy. Decision making flexibility and speed allowed us to save a customer base, stable financial and market position. We not only kept our business but also helped many our clients to choose correct administrative decisions in optimization of finances”.