OREANDA-NEWS. July 13, 2010. ARMADA (MICEX, RTS: ARMD) is pleased to announce that its solution recently won in the Top 10 IT Projects for the Public Sector competition as the Best Project of Translating Public Social Services into Electronic Format. The competition was organized by the ComNews publishing group and co-sponsored by the Communications and Mass Media Ministry of Russia.

The Top 10 IT Projects for the Public Sector competition, which was held for the second time this year, has already become a hallmark for the IT industry. It aims to select, popularize and disseminate all the best practices among federal executive authorities, central governmental bodies and state-owned companies located in the regions. The competition’s mission is to foster an expansion of contacts between IT companies and governmental institutions across all of Russia’s regions, which will undoubtedly promote the further innovative development of Russia’s economy.

Over the course of two months, the jury considered roughly 60 applications from Russian IT companies. Initially, it was planned to award prizes in 10 categories, but the experts only chose winners for 8 categories in 2010. First prizes were awarded to the best projects in healthcare, public administration, social services, education, labor and employment, law enforcement and security, property management and the housing and utilities sector, as well as fiscal accounting.

At the competition, ARMADA presented its project, “The implementation of a unified integrated system for federal medical and social assessment institutions, executive bodies of the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation and prosthetic and orthopedic institutions under the federal target program ‘Social Support for Disabled People for 2006—2010.’”

ARMADA received a winner’s diploma in the category Best Project of Translating Public Social Services into Electronic Format straight from the hands of Russia’s Communications and Mass Media Minister Igor Shchegolev. The award has been received by ARMADA’s Chief Technology Officer and a member of an Executive Board, Roman Kruglyakov.

While wrapping up the awards ceremony, the minister stated: “Most importantly, the trophies have distinguished projects which were designed to expedite day-to-day activities for our nation. I would like to conclude by wishing that the implementation of the projects singled out will not be limited to the regions for which they were initially created. These ideas should spread throughout Russia.”

This year marks ARMADA’s second win in the competition, having won last year in the Best Situation Center category with its solution for the Industry and Trade Ministry of Russia.