OREANDA-NEWS. July 14, 2010. Belarus’ imports of soft drinks decreased, and of mineral water increased year-on-year in January-May 2010, according to the State Customs Committee.

Imports of soft drinks, including mineral water, still or aerated, with sugar or sweeteners were at 2.079 million decaliters in the period, down 15.7% on the year, worth USD 13.034 million, down 24.2%.

Belarus imported 1.348 million decaliters of drinks of this type from Russia, down 30%, worth USD 8.854 million, a decrease of 33.7%.

Imports from Ukraine were at 701,600 decaliters, up 37.2%, worth USD 3.731 million, up 15.6%.

Imports of water, including natural or artificial mineral water, still or aerated, without sugar or sweeteners were at 280,006 decaliters, up 12.8%, worth USD 1.344 million, up 45.5% on the year in January-May.