OREANDA-NEWS. July 15, 2010. Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine during session will take decision, which substantially will strengthen the social protection of citizens due to the decision of the National Electricity Regulatory Commission on streamlining the gas tariff. The Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov said that today during the session.

According to him, the Cabinet must provide people the best possible social protection, offsetting part of their costs for housing and communal services. "The decisions we take today, is aimed primarily at that portion of the family budget in poor families spent on utility bills to become less" - the Prime Minister stressed. He reminded that now in act is the decision, according to which the government compensates to citizens costs for utility services: if they exceed 20% of total income for working age and 15% for the disabled.

Mykola Azarov said that today the Government will significantly expand the list of families that can use the State aid - subsidy for housing and communal services: "There will be offset by costs that exceed 15% for working age and 10% for the disabled.

Furthermore, according to the Prime Minister the procedure for appointment of such state aid will be significantly simplified. So, the office of the Pension Fund will calculate the subsidies on the basis of its own data base of pension recipients: "Thus, for families that consist solely of pensioners, the amount of subsidy will be automatically charged so that the costs of such families for housing and communal services did not exceed 10% of total retirement income.

However, the social services should send a message of opportunity to reduce costs for utilities to each family, where citizens are working, which should explain how to make an application for subsidies and how to fill out a declaration on family income.

According to Mykola Azarov, bureaucratic procedure for subsidies will be minimized: "It is necessary to explain to every citizen that the government introduces an application for subsidy principle. That means that according to new order, a person should not go to housing offices, enterprises and various institutions to collect endless refers. All required documents should be prepared and made by the social services"- he said.

Social services will work out the information provided and calculate the appropriate subsidy. For the pensioners everything will be done by the Pension Fund " - the Prime Minister underlined.

The Head of Government also stressed that the NERC decision meets market realities and the Government should take this into account: "to act as predecessors did making the independent market regulator to reverse its decision and pretend that the problem is solved, we cannot and we will not. Our Government follows the law, and is responsible for the balanced and sustainable operation of the whole national economy in all circumstances and consistent with normal market principles.