OREANDA-NEWS. July 16, 2010. AMT BANK announced cooperation with the Russian representative office of theDiners Club International payment system, which issues Diners credit cards, reported the press-centre of AMT BANK.

Individual customers, who submitted an application and a respective set of documents to any branch office of AMT BANK, get a plastic card with a credit limit, which is equal to their monthly average income, and become participants of the international club of plastic card holders Diners. The funds in the card may be used interest-free, and indebtedness is repaid prior to the 20th date of the month, which follows the month, when the credit card was obtained.

Membership in the Diners club suggests participation in the unique bonus programme, which lets receive points when doing shopping with the use of the card and exchange them for air miles of Aeroflot and Transaero; visiting first and business class awaiting rooms at the largest airports of the globe; simplified execution of documents for renting a car abroad; insurance in trips for the owner of the card and members of his/her family fr om the Chartis company and other options.

The set of documents for private customers includes the passport, the certificate of income 2-NDFL and the certificate from the place of work. The minimum income level allowing to have the credit card should be not less than 3 ths US dollars.

Legal entity customers may also enter the Diners Club and have credit lim its granted to every employee of theirs. Moreover, the requirement of the minimum income does not cover those employees of companies, who wish to enter the Diners Club. To have an application approved, it is sufficient to just confirm positive financial result of the entire company’s business and provide the Bank with official financial statements.