OREANDA-NEWS. July 16, 2010. They also make more concrete the cases when the information, being a commercial or bank secret, may be provided to the authorized persons of public authority. The amendments were adopted on the initiative of the deputy - Valeriu Guma.

He noted that the ensuring of high level of secret information security, particularly, the information about the funding sources and their control procedure was the important element for the fruitful development of any commercial activity. On the basis of current rules and established practice, all economic agents are obliged to keep their funding sources on the bank accounts and to fulfill all payments only by transfer.

As a result, the financial institutions are inevitably informed on all the transactions and activity of the company. For this reason, the information that has become known to the financial institution should be protected in the same way as the economic agent would protect the confidential information known only to it. The access of the public authorities to the information, possessed by the financial institutions, shouldn’t be easier than the access to any other confidential information of the company.

Valeriu Guma noted that currently, due to imperfection of the law, some bodies of public authority has the unlimited access to the information, being a commercial secret, that causes damage to the companies and economy in whole. The proposed draft law determined the notion of commercial secret, the possessor of such information, cases and conditions of information provision that is a commercial or bank secret to the authorized authority persons.