OREANDA-NEWS. July 19, 2010. Under the chairmanship of the Vice Prime Minister Victor Slauta the first meeting of the updated Coordinating Council on Agrarian Policy of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine was held. Opening the meeting Victor Slauta noted that today the Coordinating Council practically resumes its activity, which was substantially limited during the past two years, when its power was used mainly for preparation of various kinds of reference materials.

The new composition of the Coordinating Council is presented by People's Deputies, Members of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Agrarian Policy and Land Relations, representatives of the central executive bodies, whose activities are directly related to the agro-industrial complex, leading scientists and leaders of major professional public organizations, representatives of local authorities at various levels and agricultural business.

On the Vice-Prime Minister of Ukraine conviction such a broad representation in the advisory body will promote the successful fulfillment of the task of the Government for the greatest attraction of the intellectual potential of the agrarian state to elaboration of an effective state agricultural policy aimed at strengthening and sustainable development of domestic agricultural sector in accordance with the economic reforms program of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich.

Members of the Coordinating Council have considered the following issues: the situation on the domestic grain market and the strategy of forming state and regional resources, grain harvest in 2010; the state of domestic meat market, compliance with existing legislation and measures to enhance safety and quality control of animal products exported to Ukraine.

"These are the questions where we need to hear this specific clarifications and proposals for immediate action to resolve the developing situation" - Victor Slauta said.

At the next meeting of the Coordinating Council, to be held in mid-August, according to Victor Slauta, proposals to the draft Tax Code, to the program of economic reforms of the President and to the Program of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, as well as to the draft of the State budget for next year will be considered.