OREANDA-NEWS. July 21, 2010. At 94% of enterprises, inspected by sectoral authorities, were revealed violations in the field of selling and marking bread and baking products. Thus, in the II quarter of 2010, the Main State Inspectorate on Market, Metrology and Consumer Rights Protection has inspected 67 economic agents in all districts of the country, including Chisinau.

In the course of inspections at 63 enterprises were revealed violations regarding the selling of packaged products beyond their shelf-life, selling of brad and baking products without the certificates and declarations of conformity, selling without the documents of origin (tax invoice), the corresponding marking or complete lack of marking, non-placing in the easy accessible for consumers place or absence of the book of complaints, the use of measuring technique without metrological control in the production.

32 batches of non-corresponding products were revealed in tote. The inspectors have made 128 protocols on law infringements, 62 orders on elimination of discrepancies, 38 orders on temporary prohibition of the batch (32 batches of products totaling to 8.171 thousand leis were prohibited) and 7 orders on the prohibition of unchecked measuring technique use.