OREANDA-NEWS. July 21, 2010. There is a stereotype idea in our country that construction is not a fast process. Construction works certainly take a lot of time. It does not depend on city or region, if the best happened it takes 2-3 years. Then there is a long and complicated process of commissioning works. Only after that a new enterprise goes to the passport work.

Today NIBULON erases these stereotypes! Our team creates new standards of fast, qualitative and professional construction in order to work in a full rate in independent mode right after completion of the construction. The standards of our company are the following: construction works depending on complication of conditions are held during 2-3 months, putting of the enterprise into operation occurs in exact defined date, commissioning works last not more than 2 weeks, as soon as they are conducted enterprise can safely operate in standard mode.

An evidence of this is the construction of transshipment terminal in Kamyanka-Dniprovska town (Zaporizhzhya region) - the largest river terminal for reception of grain and oilseeds in Ukraine. Like other facilities of NIBULON this enterprise was constructed at a quick pace. On the 30th of May 2010, there was a solemn opening of Zaporizhzhya terminal, and on the 15th of June the first batch of the old grain harvest that was kept in households of the company, waiting for the commissioning of the new facility, was received.

Kamyanka-Dniprovska terminal have spent the first days of the harvest in Ukraine working in a standard mode. As of today, the transshipment complex has received almost 40 tons of agricultural products.

In total, five barges of NIBULON were shipped at the berth of Zaporizhzhya terminal. The production will be delivered to Saudi Arabia.

The Dnipro River is revived at such a pace! A new logistics system in Ukraine is created like this!

Today, the terminal intakes agricultural products not only from Zaporizhzhya but also from Kherson, Dnipropetrovsk regions. More than 50 households have delivered its production to the terminal as of today. The vast majority is of course, from Zaporizhzhya region. Among the leaders are: Agro-Trade, Preobrazhenske, Meridian, Obriy-Agro.

Agrarians from Zaporizhzhya have already felt benefits that are provided to them by the terminal in Kamyanka-Dniprovska, because the prices for agricultural products are similar to prices at the transshipment terminal in Mykolayiv, they are about UAH 50-70 per ton higher than at other enterprises of the region. If you multiply this number by 40 thousand tons, that are received by the terminal only as of today, you can get 2 million tons that is the additional revenue that Zaporizhzhya enterprises received during the first few weeks of harvest due to the opening of the new NIBULONs terminal in the region.

The same benefit other elevators of NIBULON provide to agricultural producers throughout Ukraine. Can you imagine what an enormous profit for the agricultural complex of our country it is!

Do not forget that the leaders of these enterprises are young people under 25 years old! What other company in Ukraine can be proud of such a young top management? A great support for new personnel was given by experienced professionals of already operating elevators of NIBULON from Lugansk, Poltava, Cherkasy regions and transshipment terminals in Mykolayiv. NIBULON - is a team that can work consistently: to support newcomers and adopt the experience of elders.

For our company the sky is not the limit! Kamyanka-Dniprovska is the first facility of NIBULON in Zaporizhzhya region, but now it is planned to open 2-3 new branches in this region.

Today NIBULON destroys negative stereotypes in the Ukrainian economy and proves: it is possible and necessary to carry on investment activity in our country! The fact that nobody believed a year ago, today due to NIBULON has become a common reality. Ukrainian grain is transported by river. The Dnipro River is employed, the load on the roads decreases.