OREANDA-NEWS. September 09, 2010. The Ultra company intends to establish  reserve data centers in Azerbaijan.

In order to provide information integrity of the state importance,  reserve data centers will be created on the basis of available  information bases in the country’s regions.

Creation of  reserve data centers in the  regions will allow to provide safety and preservation of archives of information of the state importance in case of natural cataclysms, earthquakes, mudflows and in other emergency situations.

Functioning of data centers in the regions will also allow to accelerate more working process at places, where work is carried out.

The project will be implemented  within the framework  of the program of development of information and communication technologies of Azerbaijan for 2010-2012 “Electronic Azerbaijan”.

In accordance with  preliminary information,  provided by the   Ultra company, work for establishment  of the centers will be begun from next year.