OREANDA-NEWS. December 24, 2010. Ingosstrakh has paid 5.3 mln rubles to the sole proprietor V.L. Kizerov, head of the peasant farm enterprise located in Omutinsk district of the Tyumen region in connection with harvest shortage.

Under the contract the harvest of spring wheat (Novosibirskaya-29 grade), spring barley (Acha grade), spring oat (Talisman, Megion grades) and garden pea (Yamal grade) – in the total area of 1,963 ha was registered for the total insured amount of 22.4 mln rubles.

The insured event was last summer‘s drought that caused the harvest shortage. As a result of the expert appraisal performed to assess the damage, the event was recognized as an insured event and Ingosstrakh paid a full indemnity to the agricultural enterprise.

Ingosstrakh and the peasant farm enterprise of V.L. Kizerov have been cooperating in the area of agroindustrial insurance since 2009. During this period cattle stock, cattle stock fodder, agricultural equipment and machinery, harvest and vehicles under motor vehicle insurance were insured.