OREANDA-NEWS. January 19, 2011. Turnover of UNISTREAM international money transfer system in Armenia in 2010 as compared with the preceding year increased by 8.3% amounting to 596,7 million USD. The number of transfers for the accounting period made 747.774 thus providing growth by 5.1% as compared with the index of 2009. In 2010 considerably – by 33% - the volume of outgoing money transfers increased making 74.7 million USD. Incoming transfers, the lion’s share of which is from Russia, made 522 million USD having increased by 5.5% as compared with the figure of 2009. Growth is recorded by quantitative indice as well: outgoing transfers increased by 16.4% and incoming – by 4.4% making 47.682 and 701.092, respectively. One transfer average sum made 797 USD.

Owing to the stable growth of numbers and turnover of transfers UNISTREAM system reserves its leading position being the most demanded money transfers system in Armenia. The system is convenient for customers owing to low cost, simplicity and large geography – over 190.000 servicing points in 95 countries worldwide. To make a remittance it is not necessary to open a banking account and no fees are charged from a recepient. All operations for making a transfer are performed by a servicing manager of the Bank.

Remittances via Unistream system in Armenia are made in all the 34 branches of Unibank.
For additional information please visit www.unibank.am, or contact hot line at 59 55 55.