OREANDA-NEWS. February 02, 2011. A roundtable meeting in the President Hotel brought together members of the German business delegation led representatives of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technologies and the heads and leading specialists of the ministries and departments, the Union of Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs, representatives of the private sector of our economy.

This meeting became a continuation of the substantial dialogue, which started in Berlin in January, where the second meeting of the Joint Turkmen-German working group and the Turkmen-German Energy Symposium, which gave new incentives to foster effective interstate cooperation, took place.

During this forum a lively exchange of views on the current state and prospects of bilateral economic cooperation took place in a businesslike and constructive atmosphere. Focusing with satisfaction on the fruitful nature of traditional Turkmen-German partnership, which had a number of successful mutually beneficial contacts at various levels in its assets, the meeting participants called for further expansion of long-term collaboration in a wide range of areas, particularly in trade and economic, fuel and energy, transport and communication sectors, and strengthening contacts between Turkmen and German businessmen.

The Turkmen participants made comprehensive presentations on the macroeconomic situation and investment climate in Turkmenistan and demonstrated a film, which helped the German partners to get a clear idea about the prospects for cooperation.

The guests underscored the intention of German businessmen to expand on the promising Turkmen market, where the enabling environment for successful and fruitful activity of foreign companies was created due to the prudent progressive policy pursued by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

During the visit to the Turkmen capital the members of the German business delegation conducted the talks at the Government of Turkmenistan on the priority aspects of bilateral cooperation in particular areas.

The meetings and talks of the German business delegations at a number of sectoral ministries and departments are scheduled for the next few days.