OREANDA-NEWS. February 04, 2011. It was said by the Finance Minister Veaceslav Negruta presenting data on the national public budget fulfillment last year at the government’s sitting. He said the consolidated budget deficit on the 5.5% of the GDP was earlier forecasted.

The Finance Minister said that according to the preliminary data, incomes of the national public budget in 2010 totaled 27,550.9 million leis, up 4,033.2 million leis from 2009. The incomes plan was exceeded by 2.4%. Tax receipts constituted 22,547.7 million leis of the total amount of the national public budget incomes, non-tax receipts – 3,009.3 million leis.

The planned indicators were exceeded, respectively, by 3.8% and 5%. Compared to 2009, tax receipts grew by 3,016.0 million leis, non-tax – by 311.3 million leis. Grants in the amount of 1,993.9 million leis were received from foreign donors and local investors to support budget and finance investment projects. 53.7% of the total amount of the national public budget incomes fell to the share of incomes administered by the tax service (in 2009 0 58.2%), 35.4% - by the Customs Service (32.8% in 2009).

The collection tasks for 2010 were fulfilled by the Tax Service at 100.4%, by the Customs Service – at 107%. Compared to 2009, receipts administered by the State Tax Service increased in 2010 by 8.2%, receipts administered by the Customs Service – by 26.4%. Expenditure of the national public budget in 2010 totaled 29,328.9 million leis (94.3% of the planned level). In comparison with 2009, they grew 1,974.6 million leis (7.2%) last year.

Most public expenses – 73% - fell to the share of implementation of the social-cultural programs. Expenses for the national economy made up 10.9% of the total sum. 5.3% of the sum were spent for defense, public order protection and national security.