OREANDA-NEWS. February 04, 2011. Sibirtelecom and NVision Group have completed a joint project on upgrading the main IP-TV digital television stations of Sibirtelecom Company in Omsk and Novosibirsk. The cost of the project is 3.8 mln rubles.

This project aimed to increase the number of channels in the packet of IP-TV services, particularly the high definition TV channels (HDTV). Besides, there has been much work done to increase the level of fail-safety in the operation of the station in Novosibirsk that is responsible for the translation of video signal.

As a result Sibirtelecom Company provided an access to 11 high definition TV channels (HDTV) and to standard definition satellite channels. When the Ethernet network is used as a transport at the main stations, the fail-safety pattern of channel broadcasting and a possibility of reservation for receiving channels from different areas are provided.

The joint project makes it possible to increase the number of new users of digital television services as well as to optimize expenses for servicing the main stations due to the selection of the optimal technical scheme for providing services.

“We have cooperated with NVision Group for several years; this project solves the problems on the improvement of the quality of services provided by Sibirtelecom and the selection of the optimal technical model taking into account the specific character of the region and the infrastructure of our network,” says Ivan Dadykin, General Director of Sibirtelecom OJSC-Vice-President of Rostelecom OJSC.” 

“The main part of works on upgrading the operating IP-TV system required strict planning and coordination of actions between NVision Group and Sibirtelecom in order to minimize the periods of miss of broadcasting signals. The expert examination by NVision Group employees became a guarantee for the successful implementation of the project on providing the service of HDTV channel broadcasting in the IP-TV network, which is unique for the Siberian Federal District,” says Dmitry Gokov, Director of the Novosibirsk Branch of NVision Group.