OREANDA-NEWS. February 04, 2011. In 2010 Sibirtelecom successfully cooperated with the Russian producers of equipment by investing 1 bln 350 mln rubles in the purchase of domestic telecommunication equipment. It amounted to about 46% of the total volume of investments assigned by the Company for the purchase of equipment and cable products during the current year (not taking into account the software). The construction of FTTх Internet networks, the expansion of multiservice networks, as well as the adoption of control and network safety of Internet access services are the principal projects in 2010, which are based on the domestic equipment.

Among the main Russian suppliers with which Sibirtelecom cooperates are Mikran Non-State Pension Fund, Eltex Enterprise LLC, IRE Polus Research-Production Association, and QTECH LLC. Mikran Company from Tomsk is one of the major suppliers of radio-relay network equipment, which is used for Sibirtelecom networks in the whole Siberian region. Eltex Enterprise, with which Sibirtelecom has cooperated since 2004, supplied the equipment for the development of broad-band (хDSL and xPON) access networks during the current year. This supplier also delivered the equipment for the MC-240-type digital exchanges, which are used manly in rural areas, as well as the switching equipment of interstation communication for local phone networks.

In 2010, the considerable funds, 3.4 bln rubles, were invested in the implementation of the project on the construction of FTTх (xPON, ETTH) networks. The equipment for the construction of fiber-optic networks, which was produced domestically, was purchased from Eltex Enterprise LLC and QTECH LLC.

This year for the first time Sibirtelecom implemented the joint project with QTECH Company and purchased the switches of the QSW-2900 and QSW-3900 series. The switches of these series are intended for using in the corporate and Metro Ethernet networks to control services and network safety and to provide broad-band access services.

In 2010 Sibirtelecom actively worked with IRE Polus Research-Production Association in order to implement DWDM technologies in Novosibirsk, Omsk, Novokuznetsk, Chita, Barnaul, and Tomsk. IRE Polus is a member of IPG Photonics, the international group of companies, which was founded by Russian physicist Valentin Gapontsev, and is among the leading producers of dense wavelength division multiplexing equipment (DWDM). As part of this project Sibirtelecom purchased 48 units of the equipment and multiplexors for the construction of zone and city transport networks.

“We are successfully cooperating with the Russian producers of equipment to support the domestic telecommunication industry,” says Ivan Dadykin, General Director of Sibirtelecom OJSC, “I am sure that the Russian power will increase due to technological innovations of domestic producers. I believe that telecommunications is a locomotive of the Russian economy; the economies of the Siberian region and the whole country cannot be improved or developed technologically without investments in own infocommunication sector.”  

Next year Sibirtelecom plans to continue the active cooperation with domestic producers, in particular for purchasing equipment to develop new services, digital television, and systems of data transmission.